What is animal studies?

Last week I was lucky enough to be able to attend a BIRTHA funded symposium at the University of Bristol Department of Historical Studies on the subject of ‘Animals and Empire’ – involving a cross disciplinary approach to research in the form of animal studies. The day included papers on subjects as diverse as ‘MulesContinue reading “What is animal studies?”

The Importance of interdisciplinarity, Cross-Disciplinarity and Multidisciplinarity in Education

When I began this blog a couple of months ago I set out my stance as a proponent of interdisciplinarity in education. I am a student of history although I am increasingly discovering that it is environmental history, and related areas, that specifically interests me. Environmental history, as a discipline, has grown to involve knowledgeContinue reading “The Importance of interdisciplinarity, Cross-Disciplinarity and Multidisciplinarity in Education”

The notion of space in environmental history

I have just been reading the introduction to ‘Alaska’s Place in the West: From the Last Frontier To the Last Great Wilderness’ (Lawrence, 2010) by American environmental historian Roxanne Willis. One particular aspect of this short essay grabbed my attention: the notion of geographical space when it comes to constructing frameworks and, particularly in thisContinue reading “The notion of space in environmental history”