’20 Days Wild’ – days 6&7 – Exmoor

Days six and seven of my ’20 days wild’ experience were spent experiencing the same place through two completely different channels, one of which did not actually involve going outdoors. One of the projects I am working on currently is based at the National Trust’s Holnicote Estate in West Somerset. The estate marks the northernContinue reading “’20 Days Wild’ – days 6&7 – Exmoor”

‘Day 4’ of 20 Days Wild

Unfortunately my phone camera has failed on me so the photos I took of various plants on Bristol harbourside yesterday as part of my fourth day of ’20 Days Wild’ are gone forever (or at least beyond my capacities as a technologist to resuscitate them). My record will therefore have to suffice from my memoryContinue reading “‘Day 4’ of 20 Days Wild”

Earth Day, freedom of thought and 2 billion acts of green

As I write this post a host of world leaders are signing the Paris Climate Agreement in New York. By signing the agreement they commit their country to work towards limiting temperature rises of a maximum of 2 degrees celsius, compared to 1990 levels, and their governments must submit detailed plans as to how theyContinue reading “Earth Day, freedom of thought and 2 billion acts of green”

The contrasts of Spring

Although it feels somewhat difficult to believe at the moment, as I peer out through the closed window at the garden currently enjoying the latest downpour, with the wind blowing leaves all about the place, Spring is here. To be astronomically precise it actually began in the northern hemisphere on Sunday March 20th – the vernal equinox.Continue reading “The contrasts of Spring”

Visiting the Knepp Estate: A Lesson in Rewilding

Transitional, innovative, exciting, restorative, unique, both agriculturally and economically sensical and questionable concurrently and all in all, a little bit mad! The rewilding project at the Knepp Castle Estate in Sussex, spearheaded by estate owner Charlie Burrell and his superb team, is all of these things and more. My visit yesterday, the first time IContinue reading “Visiting the Knepp Estate: A Lesson in Rewilding”