Indoor Herb Garden Guide – guest post by Kiana

When you’re looking to whip up one of your favorite recipes for your family and friends, wouldn’t it be nice to have everything you need in your home?

It’s a lot easier than you think. Although the weather may hinder your ability to grow certain plants at different times of the year, there’s no doubt you can keep an indoor herb garden right in your kitchen. They have very little space requirements and can work in almost any space.

You can manage your own herb garden year-round, meaning you can have fresh herbs for every meal. This project not only adds aesthetically pleasing herbs to your living space but it also cuts down on costs and plastic use.

Which Herbs are Best for Your Needs?

It’s important to note that some herbs have different light preferences. When you’re first getting started with your own indoor herb garden, make sure to keep your space in mind as you sift through all your options.

Here are some of the best herbs for you to choose from. We included some examples of how to use the herb, its flavor profile and a unique care tip or fact.

Full Sun Herbs 


  • Perfect for salads, cocktails, sauces, and tomato-based recipes
  • Has a sweet and peppery flavor
  • Grows quickly and needs frequent repotting to support its roots


  • Used for a lot of poultry, vegetables, and marinades
  • Adds a robust flavor with a touch of bitterness to savory meals
  • Needs plenty of room to grow tall and spread its roots


  • Versatile herb fit for dishes, teas and known for its use in purifying rituals
  • Has a fresh smell and an “earthy” taste— a great pick for big holiday meals
  • Needs time to fully grow and establish its roots


Moderate Sun

Bay Leaves

  • Good for stews, sauces, and seafood
  • Has a slightly peppery taste to add to your food
  • Needs to be kept in a little cramped, small pot so you can promote its growth


  • Perfect for tea, desserts and unique savory dishes
  • Has a refreshing, cool taste and quality
  • Needs damp soil rather than dry soil—different from most herbs


  • Good for sauces, casseroles, and eggs
  • A sweet herb that has a mixed taste of tarragon/parsley.
  • Best used right after harvesting because it starts to lose flavor once it’s picked

Tips to Start Your Herb Garden

Location and Drainage

If you’re looking to start your own herb garden, you’ll need pots that both drain well and are a fit for your climate. Some people like to get creative and have hanging gardens or mounted wall designs to make their garden double as a decor feature.


You’ll also have to select a well-draining, indoor potting mix for your herbs. To complement this, you can also add natural, leaf-promoting fertilizer to replenish the soil’s nutrients. It is recommended that you fertilize your herbs once a week.


It’s important to have proper lighting set up as well. The more light herbs receive, the more flavor your herbs will have when you harvest them. Be wary of “sun burning” your plants, this could present itself as little brown spots on the herbs’ leaves. A solid rule to follow is that you give your herbs at least six hours of direct sunlight from a south or east facing window.


And lastly, you must stay on top of your garden’s water requirements. Make sure to water your herbs a couple of times a week when the top two inches of soil are dry (although, some herbs prefer wet soil).

Overwatered herbs will have wilted yellow or brown leaves with moist soil. Water deficient plants will present as dry, brown leaves and very dry soil. Monitor your plants and adjust their light and water accordingly if any of these issues arise.


Take advantage of the benefits of having your own indoor herb garden. You’re able to harvest the herbs you want for your favorite foods and make a positive impact on your wallet and the environment. Add all of your favorite herbs as you building up your collection. If the weather conditions are favorable, you could grow your herb garden outdoors or move plants outside as weather improves. For more details about how to create a thriving indoor herb garden, check out this infographic below:


About Kiana:

Kiana.pngKiana is a content creator with a passion for writing and all things creative. She loves exploring a diverse collection of topics including sustainability, plant and floral trends, travel and everything in between! When she’s not writing you can find her traveling, going for runs along the San Diego coastline and performing music.


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