Travel with a Goat

In an age of ‘isms’, ‘veganism’ must be one of the most topical and few words seem to incite such strong opinions, especially within the farming community. For me, one of the great positives about ‘the vegan movement’, if you can call it such, is that it is encouraging more people to think more deeply about their food and where it comes from. For example, today, On the BBC’s Farming Today programme on Radio 4, a vegan who lives on a sheep farm was featured which in itself raises this very point. The reasons for somebody turning vegan are varied, but if the reason is one of welfare then one has to consider methods of food production when making choices about eating.

I was recently invited to a pre-viewing of an innovative new show on Insight TV called ‘Travel with a Goat‘. This series is all about challenging viewers to question what they are eating and the ethics behind it. Other episodes in the series include ‘sheep’ and ‘alpaca’. The series basically involves two ‘foodies’ going on a journey with an animal and then making a decision at the end of the journey as to whether that animal should be slaughtered. When I watched the ‘goat’ episode I discussed it ‘gogglebox style’ with two food influencers – Clare (aka The Little London Vegan) and Ed (aka One Hungry Asian). As usual it was brilliant and enlightening to discuss alongside people who had different opinions (let’s shake things up!).

To see the longer feature click here.


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