Adding Natural Decor – How to Bring Nature Indoors – guest post by Emma Joyce

There are numerous ways you can bring a dash of nature into your home and enjoy the natural environment in your interior. Many people want to bring natural elements indoors and incorporate them into their lifestyles. For generations, this has been something only people who wanted to raise the awareness of nature conservation used to do, but with all the latest trends, more and more people are doing the same. It’s becoming apparent that you won’t only benefit when it comes to the aesthetics of your home design, but you’ll also join the nature-saving movement. This relaxing atmosphere will provide you with more than a stress-free space, so just follow these few tips and enjoy the results.

What materials can you incorporate?

Of course, wood is probably the most used natural element and the easiest choice when you think about implementing these elements into your indoor design. It’s easy to find a purpose for something wooden in almost every room of your home – from furniture to decorative elements and everything in between – and you can even use recycled wood.

Apart from that, natural rock can be a great source of elegant and rustic design and you can use it in the kitchen, living room fireplace or even your floor and wall design. The latest trends include cork and clay as the most popular choices you need to include in your future remodeling projects, so take them into consideration as well. If you want to go vintage and achieve a retro sophisticated look, just add a brick wall to your living room: this has been popular in Brooklyn for decades for a good reason.

Different uses of wood

Wood furniture is always a safe option because it can be found in any shape and size, but it’s also sturdy and durable, which makes it a good investment. Crafted furniture can easily become a focal point of any room, but also serve as a decorative element if you wish to combine it with other furniture. For instance, you can completely transform a room by installing quality timber sliding doors. These will be a stylish addition to your interior and a great way to show how wood can complement any style.

If you’re a fan of old-school furniture, you should add a rocking chair or an interesting crafted coffee table to your living room, and enjoy the sense of awe these nostalgic pieces will bring. It goes without saying that wooden floors are an investment you need to take and something that’s not only versatile – you can find it in any shade of brown you can imagine – but also durable. It doesn’t require a lot of work, but you do need to pay close attention to potential scratches.

Every room counts

When you think about incorporating natural elements into your home, you probably don’t think about your bathroom, right? The truth is there are so many ways you can find a place for a piece of nature even in your bathroom – just think about a complete rejuvenation after a long day and looking at a glass mosaic tile made of recycled glass. In addition to that, if you want to do something interesting with your walls, you can cover them in wood. This trend has become popular due to all those spa centers that feature wooden walls, but it’s definitely an idea that adds a delicate style to your bathroom design.

As for the kitchen, you can go with a big carved stone sink as this feature will definitely make a statement. If you have a study, a library or a home office, you can make things interesting by creating a green wall. This doesn’t take too much space, but if you let it take over your wall, you’ll have a soothing retreat where you can do your business in peace.

There’s no nature without plants

A vase full of fresh flowers is a long-forgotten sight in modern homes, but most people like to include as many plants as possible instead – some even have a special room for them. If you’re not capable to take care of your flowers, don’t worry: there’s a type for everyone! When you visit your local flower shop, just ask the florist for different types of plants you can incorporate into your home.

It’s important to find a plant that agrees with the amount of direct sunlight in your home. Also, you need to take your potential business trips or vacations into consideration – if you’re often not home, find a plant that doesn’t require that much attention. Use them for decorations throughout the house and just water them regularly. To avoid getting confused, write details about a particular plant and post it under the pot instead of making a complicated watering schedule. If you want to take things to another level, make a garden in your hallway by simply installing a wood container in the floor and create an illusion of plants growing inside your home!

Whether you decide to include one or all the suggestion listed above, you’ll be pleased with the end results. Bringing the outdoors into your home will be quite beneficial and you’ll soon start finding more ways to add green elements into your home. Your new green interior and brand new eco-friendly décor will reconnect you with nature and make your home brighter and cozier.

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