New Nature Magazine

Today, the second issue of New Nature Magazine was released. I strongly recommend you take a look. New Nature is a free e-magazine that was launched in January of this year and is written and edited entirely by young people. This fresh publication should be applauded and its quality is testimony to the dozens of young people who are involved and to the editorial team, headed by James Common. It was a privilege to have submitted a piece for its first issue last month and I hope to contribute again in the future. Some people still struggle to believe that the youth nature movement is alive and vibrant, but New Nature is evidence for its dynamism and the ambition and dedication of those involved. I look forward to seeing all of the writers, conservationists, photographers, birders, lepidopterists and scientists profiled in New Nature develop as time goes on.

To read the first issue click here.

To read the latest issue click here.





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