’20 Days Wild’ – Days 11,12 and 13

The last few days have been fairly frantic as I have been in the process in that oh so enjoyable of tasks – moving house. It has therefore involved a lot of traveling in various forms. Nonetheless, it has reminded me how, even if your day to day life seems excessively busy, there is stillContinue reading “’20 Days Wild’ – Days 11,12 and 13”

’20 Days Wild’ – days 6&7 – Exmoor

Days six and seven of my ’20 days wild’ experience were spent experiencing the same place through two completely different channels, one of which did not actually involve going outdoors. One of the projects I am working on currently is based at the National Trust’s Holnicote Estate in West Somerset. The estate marks the northernContinue reading “’20 Days Wild’ – days 6&7 – Exmoor”

Bank Holiday Walking

It seems to be an unwritten meteorological tradition in the United Kingdom that bank holidays should occur at times of barometric uncertainty. ‘Sunshine and showers’is often the declaration from the weather presenter or the MET office. We invariably set off on our ‘days out’ with clothes for all weathers, ready for anything it can throwContinue reading “Bank Holiday Walking”

The contrasts of Spring

Although it feels somewhat difficult to believe at the moment, as I peer out through the closed window at the garden currently enjoying the latest downpour, with the wind blowing leaves all about the place, Spring is here. To be astronomically precise it actually began in the northern hemisphere on Sunday March 20th – the vernal equinox.Continue reading “The contrasts of Spring”

An exploration of two contrasting landscapes: Exmoor and the Essex Marsh

Last Wednesday I visited the National Trust’s Holnicote Estate on the northern edge of Exmoor.  From moorland to woodland and fertile farmland to shingle beaches, Holnicote provides a canvas of immense diversity of both landscape and character.  As I sat having my lunch overlooking the Bristol Channel I thought about the links this place has had with otherContinue reading “An exploration of two contrasting landscapes: Exmoor and the Essex Marsh”