Top Energy-Efficiency Tips for Your Home – Guest post by Emma Joyce

Many people search for different tricks to save some money, and there are a number of ways you could lower the bills in your home. Even though this sounds impossible, introducing just a few changes into your home could save you a ton of energy and significantly minimize your utility bills. Don’t worry – this isn’t going to require major investments around the house, because the main reason you’re doing all of this is to save money, not spend it. You’ll be amazed by how making changes in your home will inspire you to live more sustainably and embrace an eco-friendly way of life. Of course, you’ll also learn how to pay more attention to the environment and start thinking about the future.

Learn to turn off

This little change doesn’t require you to spend a single penny, but it can really go a long way. When you’re about leave your house, you probably leave some of the appliances on without thinking about the energy you waste this way. If you turn off just a handful of appliances that don’t need electricity by default – the heater, the cooling units and your TV, for starters – you’ll be surprised how much energy you can save. This is definitely an idea you should put into practice because it’s the cheapest way to save money. The hardest thing about it is to actually develop this habit and always remind yourself to switch off the appliances before leaving the house.

Change light bulbs

Many homeowners are starting to replace their standard light bulbs with LED bulbs that use up to 80% less power. This is always the first step towards eco-friendliness and sustainability and there’s a reason for that – LED bulbs are the greatest investment for all those who are looking for frugal ways to save energy. Sure, they cost more at first, but they can last up to ten years, which makes them the right choice for you. Just calculate the cost of these bulbs and how much they’ll save in the years to come, and you’ll notice that they practically pay for themselves. They’ll also work well with your decorative lighting and you can find many affordable options for every room.

Add energy-efficient appliances

The kitchen is usually the place where we use the most power, and you need to think about making a few changes here too. One way is to invest in Energy Star labeled appliances that use less power and water than the other models. Even though they are pricier, they will pay off in the future because you’ll be saving money with them day after day. Apart from that, you can also opt for stoves that use gas instead of electricity providing you with the flame from the moment you turn them on. That will reduce the time spent on cooking because this instant flame will help you finish everything quicker than usual. Just make sure you’ve found a safe way to connect gas, thus helping your new appliances reach their full potential, and you’re good to go!

Install a programmable thermostat

Although it sounds too good to be true, you can really save lots of money on heating if you learn how to manage your thermostat and with a programmable one, you’ll be able to control the temperature in your home more efficiently. For example, you can lower the temperature during the night, when you’re at work or away for the weekend. You’ll just need to program it to increase the temperature before you arrive, and you’ll step into a warm place.

Some small changes

Though we all like a light in front of our home entrance, we don’t have to install the one that uses a lot of energy. Instead of that, get a motion sensor that will only light up when someone is approaching – this uses less energy and also lets you know if someone is at your door. Another great idea is installing low-flow showerheads in your bathroom. This great upgrade will help you save water, without compromising the quality of your showers. What’s more, you won’t have to deal with so many plumbing issues and not being to manage the water flow and temperature.  Further why not check out other electricity rates

No matter if you live in a brand new home or just want to boost the efficiency of your old place, you should consider making some of these changes. This is just the first step towards a more sustainable life and a definite upgrade for you and your family. It’s easy to live a life without worrying about the amount of energy and water we waste, but we need to think more about the consequences of our actions. We could start facing shortages quite soon and it will be too late to react, so do whatever you can today and try to make the changes along the way.

About the writer:

Emma B. Joyce is a blogger based in Australia. She likes exploring environmentally-friendly energy resources and learning more about living an eco-friendly lifestyle. She is a regular contributor at

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