Running for Mind, the mental health charity. #FarmerMentalHealth

Earlier this year I signed up to run my local half-marathon (Clacton to Walton and back along the coastline) which takes place on 19th August (days are counting down!).

To give myself some incentive to get through the pain of training for it I’ve decided to raise money for a charity close to my heart (and mind!). Mind supports people suffering with mental health struggles and gives them the support they need to get through to the other side. Their services include counselling, online support, group sessions and simply providing information on mental health and working to break any stigma that continues to live on in some parts of society (among others). It isn’t right that anybody should suffer in silence but even if you don’t have anybody else to turn to the team at Mind ensures that someone who is suffering will never be alone. They offer the support and respect that people deserve.

This fundraising holds the #FarmerMentalHealth campaign at its heart. It’s one way of continuing to raise awareness of mental health within the farming and wider rural community, hopefully helping in some small way to #BreaktheStigma. Loneliness, isolation, stress, financial worries, relationship breakdowns, even bad weather – all of these can have a negative impact on mental health but it’s important that we talk about how we are feeling. This needn’t be to the world, but it’s important to speak to somebody and share your worries. That’s the first step to getting better. If you are interested and you are on social media please join the conversation on twitter using the hashtag #FarmerMentalHealth.

The event is now just over the horizon and so it’s time to start fundraising! I’ve started a JustGiving page and I would really, really appreciate if you could give a small donation. You will be helping somebody more than you can imagine. Thank you.

You can find it my clicking here.

I’ll no doubt write about it again as the day of the run gets nearer! Let the pain commence!

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