How to Reduce Waste and create a better future for the Earth – Guest post by Andrea Larson

People produce tons of waste annually and only a very small amount of that waste is recycled. People are smart enough to use a bin. They use bins only to collect the rubbish and throw it away. Many people are not really concerned about nature and the environment, and it is now a serious issue. Constant growth is taking us many steps closer to the day when this planet will become a complete junkyard. It is important to think about the safety of the Earth and its inhabitants. You can at least promote recycling to play a major role in reducing pollution and increase the reusability of certain products.

You might be wondering how to start and what to do to reduce waste for a better future of this planet. So, continue reading and you will find some feasible and easy to apply solutions.

  • Start printing on both sides of paper:

Thanks to recent attempts to make people aware about how many trees are sacrificed to produce paper, people have started realising they should save paper. We suggest you not just save paper, but also use it in an environment-friendly way. Print on both sides of paper to save extra sheets. In addition, recycle the paper you use. You can save around 17 trees if you successfully recycle 1 ton of paper. It will also save 7,000 gallons of water and other natural resources.

  • Place more recycling bins around you:

Some people still do not care about recycling because nobody taught them about how important recycling is. Never let it happen to you, your children, and your office colleagues. Make recycling bins readily available so that you can use it to collect recyclable products. You can save more paper, metal, plastic, and other recyclable products to create new things. People usually care more about the planet when such things are easily available, so let’s offer them an opportunity.

  • Go for e-recycling:

E-waste seems like a nightmare now. You may not find it frightening, but the environmental experts do. They are worried about the increased use of cell phones, computers, laptops, and all other electronic items. US based users produce about two million tons of e-waste. You can now imagine about how much e-waste is produced all around the globe. So, take it seriously and follow some expert tips on recycling e-waste.

  • Carry a shopping bag with you:

The leading clothing brands now provide paper bags to carry any products that you buy. It is an indication that they are worried about excessive use of the polythene and now they want to reduce their environmental footprint. What about the others? Do local retailers care about how drastically polythene is affecting our planet? It has become a headache and you really should stop asking for the polythene made shopping bags. Carry your own shopping bag to avoid the waste. You should at-least ask for paper bags which are recyclable and environment-friendly.

  • Recycle ink and toner cartridges:

It is all about improving the use of products that you can use time and again without wasting a lot of energy and resources in reproducing them. Organizations and people in the USA throw around 8 ink cartridges and toner every second. That’s around 700,000 cartridges each day. Do you know these ink and toner cartridges can be rebuilt? You can save about half gallon of oil and 2.5lbs of plastic and metal if you recycle only one cartridge because that much metal, plastic, and oil is used to produce only one cartridge.

  • Invest your money in recyclable batteries:

We all use batteries to run different kinds of electronic appliances from watches to remote controls. What if you know that only 1 rechargeable battery can offer the service of minimum 1,000 non-rechargeable batteries? Would you still buy a non-rechargeable battery? Of course, you will buy a rechargeable battery today. It will not only save you money, but also the material and power used to produce the regular batteries. You should still throw used batteries in the recycle bin so that these batteries can be used to produce new ones.

  • Invest your money in rewritable CDs and DVDs:

Although CDs and DVDs are not used that widely today, you should still buy them instead of buying a normal disc. It is how you can save a lot of money, reduce e-waste, and get the job done in the most cost-effective way. It will be even better if you use portable hard drives or memory cards to store data. Thus, you will get a better solution for storing your data.

  • Take your coffee at home or at the office:

The restaurant owners may not like this tip, but it is quite essential for saving our planet. Restaurants have now started using disposable plastic cups. It still costs a lot because it requires a lot of power and raw material to produce those cups. You should take your coffee at home or at the office in your personal coffee mug to avoid the waste.

  • Let the experts handle the recycling job for you:

Cleaning experts offer exceptional support when it comes to cleaning and recycling. If you are worried about the increasing amount of waste in your house and office and want to dispose or recycle it, take the support of experts. You not only get support for keeping your corporate area clean, but also get the workable solutions to recycle everything you use in the office, restaurant, or other type of commercial space.

If you don’t know already, recycling also opens new business opportunities. So, follow the suggestions to partake in the worldwide campaign of keeping our planet clean and healthy. You can be an inspiration for others and help them in making earth a better place to live.

Andrea Larson is a Team Member at Mill For Business. She has a keen interest in environmental issues.

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