Countryside Stewardship field update

I promised that I would give you updates regarding progress of our higher tier countryside stewardship scheme which started a few weeks ago. It runs until December 2022 and we are receiving payment for undertaking works for conservation on the farm through Pillar 2 of the Common Agricultural Policy. The scheme consists of a range of different options from hedgerow management to maintaining habitat for breeding waders, salt marsh management to planting winter bird feed. Earlier today I was removing willow from an area that is focused on maintaining suitable habitat for sea hog’s fennel. I apologise for the sound in the clip – it was very windy out there today!

3 thoughts on “Countryside Stewardship field update

  1. love the updates on this Ben, looking forward to seeing the waders work down on the coast.
    Meanwhile… we’re still waiting to get our application back!

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