Thinkingcountry has been nominated in the UK Blog Awards (+ info on World Soil Day!)


Thinkingcountry will be four years old in January (where does time go?). With this coming of age upon us (although I’m not sure how old a blog should be to achieve this designation) it is incredible to have the site contending in the UK Blog Awards ‘Green and Eco’ category.

However, I need your help. The first round is a public vote and your support would be hugely appreciated. Recognition through this competition would allow me to grow the blog and do more in 2017 – especially grow the Meet the Farmers podcast.

Please can you vote for the blog by clicking this link, then clicking at the top of my contendor page where it says ‘click here’. You will then just need to state your name and email and select the category (green and eco).

I really appreciate your support!

Thank you.

In other news, it’s World Soil Day today! There are loads of events happening all across the world, including in London. Check out this page for more details.


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