’20 Days Wild’ – Day 5

Perhaps not the wildest experience of all time but these two made me laugh. I’m not sure when they arrived but they seem to have become resident at Bellevue in Clifton, having been at this very spot every day for the past week or so. Sometimes, it’s about recognising the simplicity of ‘everyday’ nature and how it makes you feel.


Tomorrow summons an exciting journey into the wild. I am heading down to Exmoor to climb to Dunkery Beacon, the highest point in the Exmoor National Park, standing at 519m above sea level. I aim to walk as Coleridge might have done, in search for the sublime but with an inquiring mind into the ‘presentness’ of the experience. Friday will then be spent delving into Exmoor’s past, at the Exmoor Society’s archive in Dulverton.

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