When will the weather change?

Have you ever found yourself asking yourself this question? Is there ever such a thing as perfect weather at the right time? Perhaps not.

As I write this I’m looking out at a snowy landscape…still. This time last week it felt as if Spring were around the corner with bright blue skies, birds singing and snowdrops presenting themselves on the garden edge. However, two days later we were under almost a foot of snow with drifts several feet higher than that. We had hoped to have planted hundreds of metres of new hedgerows by this point in the winter but the wet ground followed by this recent weather has delayed planting. It has been great to see people in other parts of the country progressing with their planting but I’m getting itchy feet here. Looking at the positive, it has provided time for planning new projects and dealing with day to day orders for the farm’s sea buckthorn products. I have finally submitted a planning application for a new stable block on the farm and there has of course been plenty of podcasting going on.

If you’re anything like me you will be highly fed up by now with the latest lockdown, although the incredible efforts of our emergency services, scientists and health workers is providing the prospect of something like a return to ‘normal’ in the coming months. My mental health has suffered at times, and despite having developed and learnt strategies to deal with this and prevent things from overwhelming me I must admit things have been difficult at times, so I can empathise with those who have been having darker days. I am however ever grateful for my good health overall and am just focusing on each day as it comes.

For now, I will pin my hopes on the dry (and slightly warmer) weather forecast.

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