How to Capture Candid Fishing in the Eastern Sierra – guest post by Shane Haumpton

Do you need to take a break from work or other obligations? Then it would help if you start planning your next venture. Eastern Sierra is a great place for different experiences! Many adventures can make your stay at the Eastern Sierra enjoyable.

The Eastern Sierra is a top choice for fishing trips. The Lower Owens River, a known fishing destination, accommodates anglers every day of the year. Aside from this, the Eastern Sierra also holds different fishing events. It administers youth fishing camps to help children engage in wholesome recreations. There are also fishing activities for special occasions such as Father’s Day and Independence Day.

The last Saturday of April marks the beginning of California’s trout fishing season, and it ends on November 15. During this season, beginners and experienced anglers flock the fishing areas. Fishers spend their time along the Pleasant Valley Reservoir and Owens River. The event is a good time for interaction between friends, family members, and fellow anglers.

Benefits of Fishing

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One of those experiences is fishing. Fishing might be considered just another hobby, but it has several positive effects on a person’s mental health. Angling encourages a person to spend quality time with nature, and it is one of the reasons why it is an exceptionally healthy hobby. Spending time around the natural environment relieves stress and anxiety. It also boosts an individual’s mental clarity since the environment promotes mindfulness.

During fishing trips, anglers are forced to stay near bodies of water. There are increasing studies that show proximity to water brings better physical and psychological health. The waves help anglers have a calm mind while waiting for fishes to take the bait. Through fishing adventures, individuals bring such calmness in their everyday lives. Thus, fishing should be included in your list of experiences whenever you have trips to the Eastern Sierra!

Capture Fishing Moments

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Aside from going on adventures, it is also a delightful experience to capture special moments during those trips! In this way, you can reminisce of significant memories. It will also encourage you to continue engaging in adventures due to the positive emotions you felt during such vacations.

Photography also aids in self-expression. Through different angles and lighting, you can convey various tones and moods in your photographs. You can share these fishing photographs with your friends and families. Hence, photography allows for positive social interaction. Your pictures can even encourage other people to try fishing in the Eastern Sierra! If you are confident enough with your photography skills, you can choose to profit off your snapshots.

Candid Fishing Tips and Tricks

Do you want to improve your skills in candid fishing photography? Check out the guides below!

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Bring Safety Equipment

Candid photography during fishing trips involves the risk of water splash on your equipment. Since weather is unpredictable, there are instances when you will experience heavy rains during angling. Even though weather reports of a humid temperature, you must still bring safety equipment for your photography tools. Aside from weather unpredictability, sudden movements from fishes can create splash which can dampen your devices.

Thus, it is essential to bring a raincoat for your camera when it is not in use. But, the moment you will use your camera, you can improvise a coat by using a small trash bag that has a hole intended for the lens. In that way, you can shoot without worrying about damaging your camera. In terms of a minimal splash, a wipe cloth is beneficial. Bring these protective tools to shoot without boundaries.

Bring Proper Gadget

Capturing candid fishing does not require many photography tools. For example, you do not need to bring a tripod on a fishing trip. Often, a high-quality camera is enough to capture breath-taking snapshots of your angling adventures. Make sure that your camera has built-in features that are suitable for candid photography.

In the absence of a tripod, you can use your body as an extension of the camera. When you are standing while shooting, it is helpful to keep your elbows close to the body to stabilize the camera. If you need to kneel for the required angle, you can level the camera by using your knees. It is useful to put your left hand under the lens to avoid unnecessary movements.

Prepare to Shoot

If you are really into photography, a Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera is an excellent investment. However, it is not the only recipe for exemplary photographs. It would also be best if you familiarize yourself with managing the fantastic features of such a camera. Know how to control the camera’s setting effectively. In this way, you can utilize the great attributes of your camera to produce great snapshots that are expressive of your individuality.

However, if you are still in the process of learning how to control the camera’s settings, it is advisable to use the autofocus with the sports mode. These combined features allow for continuous shooting without blurry outputs. Candid fishing photography requires alertness since you cannot control the subjects of your photographs.

Another essential tip is to utilize the aperture priority or AV mode during instances of less action. The AV mode allows you to set the required aperture for more captivating shots. Also, it is helpful in the automatic adjustment of shutter speed due to the changing amount of light.

Unleash Your Creativity

Photography encourages people to unleash their creative sides. Fishing adventures are great ways to practice your skills while documenting pleasant moments of your life. Portray your individuality through different angles, which then exposes various moods in your captured images. Aside from this aspect, it is also crucial to know about lighting and its effect on your photographs. The combination of those will ensure perfect snapshots you can share with families and friends. You can also sell those pictures if you like!

Allow the Eastern Sierra’s fishing areas to be part of your photography journey. Utilize nature’s beauty to expose your inner creativity!


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