Meet the Farmers – Episode 49 with Jonty Brunyee

Episode 49 of the is the second leg of my latest podcast road trip around the Cotswolds. I visited Jonty Brunyee who is a National Trust tenant in the heart of the Cotswolds, at Conygree Farm, farming Cotswold Sheep and Hereford Cattle as well as undertaking a range of diversifications and other projects. Jonty and his wife Mel produce organic and pasture fed beef and lamb, and species rich grassland, and they won the NT Farming with Nature Award in 2017.  Conygree is let as a part time farm so Jonty has always had other strings to his bow including being a farmed environment adviser, a senior lecturer in Farm Business Management at the Royal Agricultural University and he has most recently taken up a role as manager of Farm-Ed.

Jonty completed a Nuffield Scholarship in 2016 studying sustainable farming, travelling around the globe, and is an active member of the Pasture Fed Livestock Association, of which he was, until recently, a Director.

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