The Benefits of Indoor Plants – Guest Post by John Basta

Plants are, without a doubt, some of the best accessories when it comes to your indoor décor. They look great in every style and environment, and they’re simply beautiful. Thanks to the plethora of options when plants are concerned, you can easily create the aesthetic you like. But, their looks are not the only thing that’s amazing about indoor plants. There are actually plenty of other benefits, for both your physical and mental health, of using plants as décor in your personal environment.

Plants are natural air purifiers

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If you want to spend time in your home breathing in clean air, indoor plants should be an obvious choice for you. Of course, you still need to open your windows and maybe even use an air purifier, but plants are nature’s own air purifiers. In this respect, plants such as spider plants, snake plants, dwarf date palm, bamboo palm, gerbera daisy, etc. are all great options when it comes to cleaner indoor air.

Plants are also natural humidifiers

In addition to purifying the air, plants also release up to 97% of their water into the air. This means that you can also boost the humidity of your interior air when you keep the plants indoors. Obviously, this is very beneficial for one’s health during very dry summers and winters. Basically, plants can help with dry skin, throat, and eyes and even minimize the risk of flu thanks to the improved humidity they provide. If you’re interested in better home humidity, look into plants such as Areca palm, bamboo palm, weeping fig, etc. On the other hand, if you’re actually interested in plants that retain water due to you living in a humid environment, for instance, plants such as cacti and succulents will do you a lot of good.

Plants are natural healers

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In general, people who tend to spend more time indoors often complain about headaches, breathing problems and stress. Phenomenally, introducing indoor flora can actually minimize these issues quite effectively. It’s even believed that being surrounded by plants indoors can reduce the risk of colds, coughs, fatigue, and so on. What’s more, certain plants, such as Aloe Vera, are known for their healing properties. Aside from clearing the air, Aloe Vera is also very effective for calming various skin irritations and burns, and can even alleviate asthma symptoms when its leaves are boiled and the vapor inhaled.

Grow your own herbs

As mentioned, Aloe Vera is one of the plants that have great medicinal uses and health benefits. But, aside from Aloe Vera, you can also grow other herbs in the comfort of your own home. These herbs can be used as medicine as well as in cooking. For instance, some of the most popular herbs for indoor home growth are thyme and curry. Obviously, they can be used as food herbs, while, furthermore, thyme can soothe a sore throat while curry leaves strengthen the heart.

Plants minimize background noise

People who live on busy streets and generally have noise issues in their homes can seriously benefit from indoor plants. Essentially, plants with wider leaves and shrubs are very effective when it comes to background noise reduction. You may be interested in creating your own indoor vertical gardens; these look amazing and insulate your space rather well. You can even try out plants for hire if you’re not sure how to go about this project yourself.

They can boost concentration

One of the many amazing benefits of indoor plants has everything to do with their fantastic ability to help improve focus and concentration. Essentially, if you want to be more productive at home (or at the office), don’t hesitate to introduce some greenery to your environment. But this is not all. When it comes to your mental state, plants are also known to reduce the feelings of depression and anxiety, together with the productivity boost.

Plants improve sleep

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Obviously, as the air inside your home is cleaner and fresher thanks to the presence of plants, your sleep is bound to be a lot better. But, if you choose the right plants which have particularly relaxing scents, you can drift off to sleep even faster. That said, plants such as jasmine and lavender are perfect choices for your bedroom as their scent helps you sleep better. And when it comes to other plants that produce stronger pleasant scent, definitely consider orchid and peace lily as well. These are simply amazing as room fresheners without the actual use of chemicals.



With so many noted benefits of indoor plants, it would be a true decorative mistake to ignore their use in your own interior. Not only will they make your home a healthier and safer place, but they’ll also contribute to the more aesthetically pleasing atmosphere thanks to their beautiful looks. As you can imagine, introducing plants to your personal environment will, therefore, affect your physical health positively and will also considerably improve your mood.


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John P Basta is a landscape architect and horticulturalist based in Perth. He is also a freelance blogger and a regular contributor to

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