3 Best Ways To Get Rid of Weevils (guest post)

Weevils can make their way into your kitchen from infested food such as rice and flour. They are capable of ruining your food, and of course, seeing weevils flying about the kitchen or other parts of the house. Fortunately, there ways to get rid of weevils from the kitchen, without putting your health or that of your loved ones at risk.

Three kinds of weevils

There are three species of weevils; the grain weevil, rice weevil and the maize weevil.

The grain weevil

The grain weevil can also be a granary weevil, and they are 3-4mm long. It has a dark and shiny look. This type of weevil has prothorax with oblong punctures, 8-segmented antennae and no hindwings

Rice weevil

It is dark brown, has four distinct reddish spots on the elytra, and it is 2-3.5mm long. Just like the grain weevil; it has 8-segmented antennae, prothorax with irregular punctures and hindwings, but it is not as shiny as the grain weevil.

Maize weevil

The maize weevil is also similar to the weevils listed above, but it is longer; the adult is 3-3.5mm long.

Furthermore, not all weevils feed on your stored food; some weevils prefer invading the garden to feast on your plants to infesting your stored food.

How to get rid of weevils

Diatomaceous Earth

Food-grade diatomaceous earth is one of the organic and highly effective ways to get rid of weevils from your home and surroundings.

How to use Diatomaceous Earth

Clear out everything from your kitchen pantry and cabinets and then sprinkle some DE along the edges of the shelves. Make sure the powder sits for one or two days before you vacuum the powder from the kitchen. Food-grade diatomaceous earth exterminates weevils by piecing and drying out the exoskeletons. Using around kids and pets is safe. However, it does not mean they should have easy access to the powder.

Pheromone Trap

These traps can eliminate weevils by luring and trapping them to the sticky layer of the trap. Place traps where there are high activities of weevils such as the cabinets or pantry. A perfect example of a pheromone trap is the Moth Busters.

Toss out infested food

Discard all weevil-infested foods from the house; keeping such food will only increase their population in your home. Secondly, you can also freeze other items that are closed to the infested food; freeze them for at least two or three days to kill the weevil eggs and larvae.

Furthermore, it is necessary to inspect your groceries before bringing them to the house. It is better to prevent weevils from entering your home than looking for ways to exterminate them. Pay close attention to cereals, rice, oatmeal, and other similar products.

What not to do, when exterminating weevils from your home

Do not use chemical treatments for eliminating weevils from your home. It is dangerous to use insecticides around foods; it may affect your health.  Only use insecticides designed for cracks and crevices treatments in the food area. Moreover, it is highly recommended to strictly for the directions on the label. Furthermore, contact your local pest control operator before purchasing pesticides to avoid buying ineffective products or products that are dangerous to your health.


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