Five Woodworking Projects To Improve Your Farm – Guest post by James Niehaus

Woodworking projects around your farm can change the way that your business functions, and you can use a number of mechanical saws  to get the work done. You might purchase a couple of saws that you can use to do small projects around the place, or you might need something much larger to complete larger projects that you have planned. Improve how your farm works using these five ideas:

1. Make A Larger Compost Box

The compost box that you have created for your land should be large enough so that you can dump months worth of farm waste in it, ideally so that you can make a ton of fertilizer or more. Remember that it will compress to make a better fertilizer over time. You should make something that has a door that you can open easily, and you must build it tall enough that it will stand up to wind and weather. You can cut out all the pieces of this box with a miter saw in seconds.

2. Better Gates

You can build large wooden gates to place all over your property. You can add latches that are easy to lock, and you can make these latches easy to release when you know that you must let out your animals quickly. You will find that you could carve your own designs into the gates, and you could make the gates very tall without making them too heavy. A table saw helps cut long planks, and your jigsaw will help you etch the logo of your property in the wood.

3. Improve Your Fenceline

You could make a much better fenceline for your property, and you might build a fence that is much taller than normal because you can cut out all the planks by yourself. A large mechanical saw will also help you cut logs if you want to make a fence that looks much more rustic. This is a simple project to complete with your circular saw because you could cut each plank on a workbench, attach it, and move to the next.

4. Raise A Barn

You can raise and frame a barn that will help you with storage, and you only need a couple of saws to cut all the wood before you put it together. You can buy large saws that have a lot of power, and you can get through the heavy beams that are needed to complete the frame. A jigsaw, table saw, and circular saw will help you build something you can be proud of.

5. Make A Bridge

You could have ridges and gullies on your property that you want to traverse, and you should build little bridges that you can cross on foot or with your vehicles. You should make sure that you have a saw that will cut through the beans that you must use to make the bridge heavy enough, and you can cut out supports that will hold the bridge on both sides. Be certain that you have made the bridge wide enough, and that might include using a reciprocating saw to cut large logs for the bridge.

6. Conclusion

There are many projects that you could do around your property, and you must be certain that you have figured out which saws you can use to get the best results. You might make something that will make storage easier, or you could make doors and gates for the property. Build your own fence, and make a bridge that helps you cross the property easily with a family of saws.


Jim_N_HeadshotAbout James Niehaus

James owns and operates a cabinet shop specializing in fine furniture, reproductions, and custom architectural fixtures. He is a master cabinetmaker, writes for woodworking magazines and loves giving advice to new woodworkers. He also teaches woodworking throughout the United States in colleges, woodworking clubs, schools and seminars.

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