What are Your Gardening Options When You Decide to Go Green? – Guest post by Emma Joyce

Creating an eco-friendly backyard is not as hard as you might think. However there are several things that you need to take into account and plan for. Before starting any detailed work it is important to check if you have the right quality of soil and that none of the dangerous chemicals are present in your backyard. This will make for a good basis for moving forward with your green plans.

If you get the green light on the previous two issues than you can start making plans to turn your backyard into full-grown green garden that can provide a healthy environment for you and your entire family.

The right soil supplements

If you already have quality soil that doesn’t contain chemicals, you can prepare it for planting by using compost or manure. Both are a great option for adding  nitrogen, which is soluble and easily washed out of soil by rain, in addition it can also be lost due to certain types of bacteria. Another benefit of opting for compost or manure is that they release it gradually as they decay, thus providing plant food throughout the growing season. Now that you have the right soli it is time to get planting.

Garden layout

For a truly green garden it is important to have little of everything. So dedicate one section of your yard to growing vegetables and herbs. There is nothing healthier than homegrown food. The other section should be devoted to flowers, bush and creating a peaceful area for rest and meditation. This is the part where you can relax, enjoy the toxin free air and just set aside time for yourself. These two sections should come together creating the ideal eco-friendly and healthy place for your entire family.

The vegetable garden section

When you have selected the part of the yard for your vegetable garden, it is important to choose the right plants. Research which ones grow best in your area so as to avoid using any chemicals to improve growth. Make sure you buy non-GMO seeds, and that any supplements you opt for are in accordance to the organic growth rules. There is nothing tastier than a freshly picked tomato or more aromatic than ground homegrown mint. In addition, the food that you produce in your garden will ensure that your whole family stays healthy by enabling you to avoid introducing toxins and chemicals into your body through treated vegetables and herbs.

Your healthy relaxation corner

For the part of your yard designated to be the place for rest and relaxation, make sure to select the right species of plants. For example, borage adds trace minerals to soil and by doing so helps boost disease resistance in nearby plants. Another great option is lavender, in addition to the beautiful aroma it provides it is also great for drawing beneficial insects like bees and ladybugs. In case you find yourself overwhelmed by all the available choices, you can always contact professionals and have them design this particular part of your yard according yo your green and eco-friendly specifications.

Maintenance is everything

Even if you use all the right toxin free materials, and you make the perfect healthy selection of plants, you can easily destroy it all by improper maintenance routine. You can opt for rainwater collection to use for garden watering. Chlorine and other substances in tap water can inhibit the uptake of nutrients and by doing so reduce plant health and growth. On the other hand rain water has a neutral pH. It makes it softer than tap water so it easily soaks in deeper in the ground. Also, make sure you opt for a green pest control company

So there you have it, some options to help you have the perfect green garden. Healthy, full of great foods and spices, and one that will provide you with the ideal place for resting and replenishing energy.  


Emma B. Joyce is a blogger based in Australia. She is a home decor and DIY fanatic interested in eco-friendly ways of building and decorating. She got hooked on home accessories and decorations whilst traveling and now enjoys searching for new inspiration for her home and garden. 

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