Off to Russia

Prepare for a lack of blog posts for a little while as I’m off to Russia next week. I’ll make sure to update you all once I’m back. I haven’t left the country in quite a while so I’m excited simply on that part, plus it will be my first time travelling to Russia, and my first long haul flight for about ten years, when I jetted off to China.

September will be another busy month, including this trip as well as a rewilding conference in Kent, a trip to Orford Ness in Suffolk, a research mission to the glamping show and of course day to day writing, work on the farm and probably the odd visit down to the west country. I’ll also be on the search again for potential farmers to speak to for Meet the Farmers. Now the busy summer period is ending it will be easier to pin people down and visit them. I cannot give enough thanks to everyone who has been involved in the show so far. I really enjoy doing it and am inspired every time I speak to a farmer about their story and the immense amount of work they put in to what they do. Telling the stories of farming and farmers is so important moving forward, if people are to really value their work, the food they produce and land management services they provide.

Time to sign off now as we’re holding a charity event here today to raise money for Alzheimers Research UK, in memory of my grandmother who died earlier this year.

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