Autumn walk

The skin on the palms of hands tingles and my fingers burn in the way that only happens when the first real cold of the season comes upon us. This weekend it well and truly arrived. I had promised myself that I would make it down to the Mendips, but, with a few things sadly but unavoidably getting in the way (why does that always happen?) it had to be a shorter and nearer walk. I headed off to the Upton Inn in Upton Cheyney, near Keynsham; the beginning of my Autumnal amble.


It seems as if we are in a transition period in the west country; in which Autumn is trying to turn to winter. The temperatures are falling and the trees looking more naked than they were even just a couple of weeks ago.


Passing through the paddocks as I descend in to the valley.


A few determined sloes cling to the blackthorn in the hedge.


I follow the lonely path, with sun beams offering their occasional warm relief from the bitter air.

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