British Agricultural Policy after Brexit

This post from Adrian Colston discusses economist Dieter Helm’s recent paper entitled ‘British Agricultural Policy after Brexit’, originally posted on his blog. In the light of the new series on thinkingcountry apropos a new British Agricultural and Environmental policy in the light of Brexit I thought this would be a useful article to present on the site.

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Dieter Helm, an economist and chair of the Natural Capital Committee has just published an important paper entitled ‘British Agricultural Policy after Brexit’. You can read his paper here. It is a very important contribution to the debate as DEFRA / George Eustice and Andrea Leadsom begin to plan what happens next with regards to the Common Agricultural Policy and its associated subsidies.

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Helm summarises the paper as follows “This paper sets outs three main options. It starts with a brief review of the CAP and its legacy, technical progress and the tensions between intensive food production and the environment. This provides the context for the assessment of the options. The paper concludes by proposing a gradual transitionary path to a much more economically efficient (and therefore environmentally efficient) outcome.

Talking about the impact of the CAP he says “Along the way it has created wine…

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