Good Nature News

This blog post from Laura Richardson helps us to remember that there are many good stories out there in the conservation world – one just has to find them and publicise them. Laura is providing a great service in compiling these together and I look forward to following her ‘monthly updates’ of good news.

Thoughting It Out

It’s easy to get down about the natural world with so many species and habitats needing help, but here is a feature I hope to be repeating at least monthly to remind everyone that the work does pay off.

Positive Policies

Microbeads are tiny beads of non-biodegradable plastics which are often used in skin care products. These easily end up in our oceans and cause harm when fish mistake them for food, filling them up until they stop eating. The good news is that these little demon beads have been banned in the US! Hopefully the UK and other countries will follow suit.

The UK government is designating a second phase of 23 new Marine Conservation Zones(MCZs). These areas help vulnerable species and habitats time and space to recover – so that’s definitely something to celebrate!

A 68,000-hectare rainforest reserve has been established in the Malaysian state of…

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