An Agriculture Degree Doesn’t Make You a Farmer

This blog post effectively gets the point across that to have an agriculture degree doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go in to practical farming – there are a wealth of different opportunities and avenues available for you to use your qualification and skills.

Raised in a Barn

Being an agriculture major has made me realize just how bad of a stereotype aggies have. Yes there are some majors that deal with directly going back to run a family farm or even starting your own. Not all agriculture majors are going to school to work on a farm though. There are so many fun and different possibilities.

I get asked a million different what my major is. When I say Agriculture Communications I get the typical “Oh, what does that mean.” I then have to explain that it can vary from journalism to any type of public relations. “Oh so you can be a public relation person for some big farm.” Yes, I could do public relations for a farm, but believe it or not there is so much more that it has to offer.

Here is a list of some of the agriculture majors. For the high…

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