Central Park and Species Identification

Taxonomy of species and identification is not, I must confess, one of my strong points although I would love to be a lot better than I am at the moment. This short clip is an inspiration to all those like me who would like to improve their species indentification skills. It takes a lot of time and a lot of effort but is, I believe, worth it in the end, particualrly as a means to inspire others. Nature is all around us and Central Park in New York is perhaps one of the most famous ‘places of nature within an urban setting’ in the world. New York is in fact a very green city set against the image of the dirty metropolis that city-scapes cling on to in the imagination. In terms of energy urban living is generally far more environmentally friendly in many aspects than rural living, when looking at a per capita output. By inspiring people in both urban and rural areas to be excited about and care for the wildlife around us, we stand a chance at maintaining a sustainable future for species other than our own.

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