Climate Change and the Future of Food

Yet more thoughts regarding a bleak future for food production against population rise. At some point policy makers will have to be radical and make some real decisions as to how we are going to cope with this problem (and it is a problem) in the long term.

Global Food Politics

agriculture-impact-climate-change-photoA draft Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report leaked last week concludes that climate change poses dramatic risks for the global food supply. Unlike previous reports, the draft report concludes that while rising mean global temperatures could have some beneficial effects on crops, overall global production will likely decline by as much as 2 percent per decade for the rest of the century as a result of climate change. Meanwhile, global demand is expected to increase by as much as 14 percent per decade over the same period as global population grows to an estimated 9.6 billion people by 2050.

The draft report is not expected to be published until March, and IPCC spokesperson Jonathan Lynn told the New York Times  that the report is “a work in progress” and declined further comment, noting that “We don’t have anything to say about the contents. It’s likely to change.”


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