Goats and Reflections on Summer Writing

Firstly, apologies that I have not been writing on thinkingcountry for a while. This is because I have been away working on a goat dairy farm in Somerset (wwoofing for those in the know) – an experience I have taken a lot from. The farm is based at Wookey near Wells in Somerset, and is run by Ian and Sarah Davies. I want to thank them for their patience and their great hospitality!

goats at Wookey Farm, Somerset

The goats were real characters and once I got to know the routine milking became increasingly more a part of the daily life. It is a difficult life but a rewarding one and I wish them all the very best for their future ventures at Wookey Farm. In addition to the goats they have sheep and a few pigs which are all developed for the newly opened farm shop. At the centre of the enterprise is also a campsite with the smartest compost loos that I have ever seen! So, if you fancy a camping holiday in the West Country I would in conclusion suggest you seriously consider a stay at Wookey Farm. Their website can be found at http://www.wookeyfarm.com/ .

I’ll now put some thought to some blog articles for the coming weeks. Harvest is about to begin for many and the UK is in the grips of a spell of dry weather that is seemingly unprecedented – drought here we come it seems! It could be quite an unusual summer. There is also news to follow regarding GM, the grain market and food culture in schools among many other topics. Lots to think about anyway. I hope you continue to follow my thoughts. Your support is much appreciated!

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