Farming Today and the Floods

Farming Today and the FloodsFarming Today this week follows the tragic story of the farmers, the floods and the Levels. Really worth a listen to understand the people (and animal) situation more acutely. This is an absolute disaster for these farmers. Animals are stressed, crops are drowned, people are homeless and there is no end … Continue reading Farming Today and the Floods

A focus on soil

A focus on soil BBC Farming Today this week focused last week on arguably our most precious resource: soil. Soil isn't a single substance but a vastly complex combination of organisms which all need to be cared for properly. If a soil is too wet, too dry or too compact it will not function as well … Continue reading A focus on soil

Reaction to European Multi-Annual Financial Framework discussions

Reaction to European Multi-Annual Financial Framework discussions In the video at the bottom of this link page (Farmers weekly online - please click the title of this post to access the page) Italian MEP Paolo De Castro, Chair of the European Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development reacts to the EU leaders tabling the figures … Continue reading Reaction to European Multi-Annual Financial Framework discussions

Farmers Apprentice

Farmers Apprentice I have just watched the whole series of this competition from start to finish. Superbly made and following the aspirations of 10 talented and driven young people, I highly recommend anyone who is interested in the future of the industry watches this. Very inspiring. Click the title of this post to watch the … Continue reading Farmers Apprentice