Seasonal Recipes

I am really pleased to announce that Holly is now editing a series of monthly seasonal recipes on thinkingcountry. Having tasted her food many times I can say that these recipes are all delicious!  Hopefully they will inspire you to focus as many of your culinary efforts as possible on the season of the time and enjoy the very best of British ingredients!

April/May 2018 – Watercress Pesto

February 2018 – Rhubarb and Ginger Crumble Cupcakes

January 2018 – Chestnut and Clementine Cake with Chocolate Orange Icing

November 2017 – Beetroot Soup

October 2017 – Blue cheese and squash pasta bake with mushrooms and kale

September 2017 – Roast sausage, apple and potato with cabbage and cider gravy

August 2017 – Redcurrant and lemon cake with redcurrant syrup

July 2017 – Courgette and Cheddar Scones

June 2017 – Elderflower Cordial