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Pushed to the Edge: A History of the Naze and Walton Hall (Completely Novel, 2015)

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The Guardian

Enjoy Your Walk in the Country, But Please Don’t Abuse Farmers’ Hospitality (August 2019)

Standing up for Dairy Farmers (April 2017)

Organic Farming Magazine

Raising a Glass to the Organic Drinks Sector (Jan 2018)

3D Farming: The Benefits of Agroforestry (May 2017)

Indie Farmer

The Carbon Farmer: a Vision for UK Peatland Conservation, Agriculture and Climate Action (December 2018)

Earth Island Journal

Generation Wild (August 2017)

The Countryman 

A big future for small farms? (January 2018)

Farming and Mental Health (January 2017)

Stir To Action

The Rural Project (July 2017)

New Nature Magazine

Book Review: Food You Can Forage by Tiffany Francis (June 2018)

Farming and Rewilding (November 2017)

Book Review: On the Marshes by Carol Donaldson (August 2017)

Why Brexit should be at the top of the conservation agenda in 2017 (January 2017)

Farmland Magazine 

Conservation editorial August 2017 issue (including interview with Staffs farmer Andy Roberts)

Conservation editorial June 2017 issue (Interview with Jim Egan, Allerton Project)

Conservation editorial May 2017 issue (Countryside stewardship, Conservation Optimism summit)

Could payment by results be a future model for agri-environment schemes? (April 2017)

Farmers Learn to Investigate Life Beneath our Feet (March 2017)

Agriculture’s Biggest Problem (March 2017)

Searching for Common Ground in Oxford (January 2017)

Countrysquire Magazine

Converting to Gove (upcoming)

The Myth of England (4/11/2017)

Peta have lost the plot (13/10/2017)

Brexit in the Pub (22/09/2017)

Wild Camping for All (1/09/2017)

How many more must die? (14/08/2017)

The Nuisance of Nuisance Calls (22/07/2017)

The Benefits of Walking (8/07/2017)

Giving Gove a Chance (26/06/2017)

Trespassing in England’s Green and Pleasant Land (9/06/2017)

The Tory Manifesto: What’s in it for the Countryside? (26/05/2017)

The Devil is in the Detail (28/04/2017)

The Great British Flytipping Crisis (24/03/2017)

Could the Universal Basic Income Provide the Answer to Farm Subsidies? (27/02/2017)

What is the future for family farms in Britain? (13/02/2017)

Why the Wildness Obsession? (3/02/2017)

Let’s Work Towards a Countryside Consensus (27/01/2017)

Intermission Magazine

Whatever happened to 1968? Or, in the ‘Age of Climate Change’ where is the student protest? – 14/3/2014

Great Holland Village Voice

The Wildwood of My Imagination (January 2016)

The War on Waste (November 2015)

Back to the Future: Looking again at the ‘Sustainable Community Strategy for Tendring (September 2015)

Wolves, Housing and Changing Identity (July, 2015)

What Makes a Community? (May, 2015)


Sustainable Food Trust

A future for farming: Growing engagement with sustainability in education (22/06/2017)

Meet the Farmers at the Oxford Real Farming Conference – (26/01/2017)

Young Farmers, Brexit and Future Prospects – 15/9/2016

Rewilding Britain

Visiting the Knepp Estate: A Lesson in Rewilding – 27/4/2016

Green and Growing

The Big Food Waste Issue 

UK Blog Awards

Can Blogging Save the World? (13/02/2017)

A Focus on Nature

The Reserves of Essex – 17/12/2017

My Mentors – 17/08/2017

Why Vote? – 18/05/2017

AFON in 2016 – 31/12/2016

Vision for Nature: Food and Farming – 28/07/2016

Notes from a Writer – 5/5/2016

Another Super Year for AFON – 31/12/2015

My Vision for Nature (and Farming) – 13/05/2015

James Common – 

An Introduction to the Youth Nature Movement – 17/11/2016

Flora Beverley –

How to use your food power! – 18/02/2017


How Successful has Environmental Stewardship been in Improving the State of Nature on Farmland? – 15/2/2016

Dealing with the litter problem – 24/6/2015

Should I give my time to wildlife conservation and if yes, which cause should I support? – 7/2/2015

Migration and Getting Involved with Citizen Science – 11/11/2014

Rekindling Community and the Local Environment – 15/8/2015

Forging and Agriculture for All – 23/2/2014

Ecological Justice: Broadening Horizons of the Self – 31/12/2013

Can we make nature exciting? – 25/10/2013

Beastly Histories

Burrowing through the disciplines: The challenges and opportunities of bridging the humanities and the natural sciences – 9/6/2014

Essex Wildlife Trust

The John Weston Reserve, John and Diane Weston – 31/3/2015

Winter at the Naze – 8/1/2015

(other posts between August 2014 and September 2015 whilst I was the Naze Education Ranger for EWT – available here)


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