Talking to The Sassy Show

I am keen to broaden the conversation regarding #FarmerMentalHealth and other topics connected to farming, conservation and the countryside. With this in mind I was thrilled to speak to Bethany Burgoyne (and her alter ego HoneyB!) on her Youtube Channel.

You can check it out here.


Bethany’s new project – ‘Sassy Conversations’ – involves her going out to speak to a really broad selection of people from all walks of life and talking to them about a wide range of topics. Her regular content on her Youtube Channel may not be the first fit that comes to mind when you think of a collaboration with ThinkingCountry but this is partly the point – it’s important that we go beyond our natural boundaries, especially when we are trying to broaden a conversation.

Of course there are many things that one can do to help #FarmerMentalHealth and seeking professional help is one, but I think it’s mostly important that we take the conversation to a wide level to break the stigma and get everyone talking about a subject that impacts on us all. For more information on online therapy options, click here.

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