‘Meet the Farmers’ episode 22 – George Young

Episode 22 features George Young, an arable farmer based in south Essex. George worked in banking before returning to his family’s farm in his late twenties. He has an eye for doing something that’s a bit different and is currently growing buckwheat and lentils, among other projects. He also thinks that farmers should be thankfulContinue reading “‘Meet the Farmers’ episode 22 – George Young”

Does the Agriculture Bill actually mean anything?

Last week I visited Mark Hayward, a farmer in Suffolk who runs Dingley Dell Pork (watch this space for an upcoming podcast episode). I was particularly impressed by him and brother’s drive and determination to improve the abundance of wildlife on their farm in real terms; ie not just engaging with Natural England led schemes butContinue reading “Does the Agriculture Bill actually mean anything?”

Robot Fruit Pickers Being Developed for Brexit

As reported here last year, farming is set to take a major hit with Brexit. Nearly a year later, that assessment by former UK representative to the European Union Ivan Rogers is proving to be on-point. Now, industry leaders need to come up with measures to alleviate the problems besetting the agriculture sector, such as theContinue reading “Robot Fruit Pickers Being Developed for Brexit”

The Appropriate Technology Movement – Guest Post by Norm Alioto

The Appropriate Technology movement, which was initially and intermittently called Intermediate Technology, was first described a half-century ago by British National Coal Board economist Dr. Ernst “Fritz” Schumacher. In a 1962 report to planning officials in India, Schumacher advocated taking steps to develop the country with an emphasis on labor, which India had in greatContinue reading “The Appropriate Technology Movement – Guest Post by Norm Alioto”