‘Meet the Farmers’- episode 21 – Royal Highland Show with Kelvin Pate

This episode was recorded back in June at the Royal Highland Show which I was visiting for the first time. I speak to Kelvin Pate, a farmer from near Gifford in East Lothian (Kelvin is also NFU Scotland’s Lothian and Borders regional Chair) as well as Jamie Newbould from Scotland’s Rural College and Michael Clarke fromContinue reading “‘Meet the Farmers’- episode 21 – Royal Highland Show with Kelvin Pate”

Best Hiking Trails in Scotland – guest post by Paul McCormin

While there are numerous trails all over the world, Scotland, with its raw and scenic landscape, is one of the ideal places to hike as there are many different trails suitable for different types of hikers. Scotland constitutes over 800 islands with many beaches, pristine valleys, towering mountains and wild coastlines, so there are innumerableContinue reading “Best Hiking Trails in Scotland – guest post by Paul McCormin”

Social media: a new farming story

I have an odd relationship with my social media accounts (for the record I use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well as WordPress). At times I will use all of them regularly, reaching out to people from all walks of life, engaging in conversations, ‘liking’ endless streams of posts and updating my ‘story’ with myContinue reading “Social media: a new farming story”

Music, Art, Creativity and the Countryside

Countless great pieces of music and art are influenced by the natural world and rural landscapes. The works of Ralph Vaughan Williams for example, or Beethoven’s 6th Symphony or Chopin’s Raindrop Prelude are all influenced by the outdoors. Elgar was influenced by his beloved Malvern Hills, Benjamin Britten by the Suffolk coast and Holst theContinue reading “Music, Art, Creativity and the Countryside”

Book Review: Food You Can Forage, by Tiffany Francis

N.b. This review was originally published in New Nature Magazine (June 2018 issue). Have you ever wondered what sweet cicely or bog myrtle taste like? If so then this book could be one for you. Beautifully illustrated and helpfully structured by habitat Food You Can Forage would sit well on the bookshelf or coffee table ofContinue reading “Book Review: Food You Can Forage, by Tiffany Francis”