Photography in the Countryside (Rural Photography) – Guest post by Max Therry

Exploring the countryside can bring some truly fantastic photographic opportunities. Rural settings are bursting with life, natural features and an explosion of vibrant colour. If you enjoy photography, consider heading out into the great outdoors and letting the countryside inspire you! Whilst urban landscapes and cities provide uniformity and harsh lines; the countryside can provide … Continue reading Photography in the Countryside (Rural Photography) – Guest post by Max Therry

BTO Wetland Bird Survey January

At the end of last year I began volunteering alongside a local birder for the monthly BTO wetland bird survey. Our patch, which runs around our farm at the Naze, covers a roughly 7 mile walk around the peninsula, trekking firstly up the beach alongside the salt marsh towards Stone Point and then back to … Continue reading BTO Wetland Bird Survey January

Countryside Stewardship field update

I promised that I would give you updates regarding progress of our higher tier countryside stewardship scheme which started a few weeks ago. It runs until December 2022 and we are receiving payment for undertaking works for conservation on the farm through Pillar 2 of the Common Agricultural Policy. The scheme consists of a range … Continue reading Countryside Stewardship field update

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Yesterday was Blue Monday, reputedly the most depressing day of the year. As you know mental health, particularly in a farming and countryside context, has been a topic that I keep returning to on thinkingcountry. It has gained a far bigger profile recently and more people seem to be talking about it than ever before, … Continue reading Seasonal Affective Disorder