The Thinkingcountry Countryside Review of 2017

2017 has been another busy and momentous year. The Brexit referendum seems a very long time ago now, way back in 2016, but the events of 2017 have certainly fallen within its shadow. This post looks back on some of the big events of this year, mostly within a countryside context, as well as reflectingContinue reading “The Thinkingcountry Countryside Review of 2017”

5 Ways Farms Can Save Water During a Drought

This is a guest post written by freelance writer Maria Reyes.  Water supply is perhaps one of the most crucial elements in ensuring a successful harvest. To help guarantee the maximum growth of the plants while conserving this precious resource, it’s imperative to deliver just the right amount of water to crops at the rightContinue reading “5 Ways Farms Can Save Water During a Drought”

Water-to-Go Bottle

In my bid to rid as many single use plastics as I can from my life one major cloak hanging over me has been ensuring I start using a multi-use water bottle, ridding any temptation from buying single use plastic bottles of water (other beverages available). An answer came this Christmas with one super presentContinue reading “Water-to-Go Bottle”

Do you have 2 minutes?

I know it’s Christmas and (assuming you celebrate Christmas) you’re probably, quite rightly, spending your time having a great time with family and friends, giving and receiving gifts and generally being merry. However, please give a thought to the amount of plastic you are generating at the same time. Since Blue Planet 2 I haveContinue reading “Do you have 2 minutes?”

The Story of the Christmas Tree

In years gone by our family’s Christmas tree would be bought, put up and decorated on Christmas Eve. There would be a near panic dash around the local area looking for a suitable tree amongst those that were still available. It would then be rushed back to the house and quickly raised before the lights,Continue reading “The Story of the Christmas Tree”