Book Review: ‘On the Marshes’ by Carol Donaldson

The marshlands of north Kent represent a pocket of isolation within a sea of growing urbanisation and economic ‘progress’. The call of the curlew cuts across the wide open landscape, interspersed with areas of scrub and gatherings of sheep. Redundant barges sink into the mud as pleasure cruisers herald a change in culture at theContinue reading “Book Review: ‘On the Marshes’ by Carol Donaldson”

Ecotourism – is it helping? – Guest Post by John Stuart

The Earth’s demise has been predicted by hundreds of different cultures through the ages. But we don’t know when or how it’ll end. We do know, however, that every day, the Earth’s lifespan is lowered by the people that inhabit it. The changes are happening all around us but none are feeling the strain moreContinue reading “Ecotourism – is it helping? – Guest Post by John Stuart”

One fifth of English farms have disappeared in past 10 years

England’s green and pleasant land: a patchwork quilt of green and gold fields with quaint little villages nestled in between and ancient farms run by families who have worked the land for generations. Is this a true perspective of the English countryside? You and I know that this rose-tinted view is not the reality, norContinue reading “One fifth of English farms have disappeared in past 10 years”

Redcurrant and lemon cake with redcurrant syrup

August’s recipe from Thinkingcountry’s resident seasonal recipe writer, Holly Betts. In early August I went home to Scotland and found that this year our redcurrant bushes had produced a glut of berries! Redcurrants are just sweet enough that you can eat them on their own but they are quite seedy and so very nice addedContinue reading “Redcurrant and lemon cake with redcurrant syrup”

‘Meet the Farmers’ – episode 9 – Royal Welsh Show

I visited the Royal Welsh Show at Builth Wells, Powys last month. Here’s my take on the show, as part of the Meet the Farmers podcast series, with a particular focus on young farmers and younger handlers. I find out what it’s like to live in rural Wales as a young person.