A message in the light of Manchester

I was planning to write about the various manifestos today, analysing them for what each of them offers when it comes to food, farming, the environment and rural communities. However, in the light of the Manchester attack, it doesn’t seem right to do this at the moment. The events in Manchester on Monday night have beenContinue reading “A message in the light of Manchester”

Book Review: ‘Wild Kingdom’ by Stephen Moss

Few nature writers today offer a writing style that is quite as approachable as Stephen Moss. His writing lifts you into his direct experience and thought space in a manner that avoids preaching and pretentious language, often a danger in this area, instead offering storytelling that is accessible, humorous and a joy to read. WildContinue reading “Book Review: ‘Wild Kingdom’ by Stephen Moss”

Fighting Crime in the Countryside: An interview with a Rural PCSO

From fly tipping to farm burglaries, deer poaching to hare coursing and suspicious vehicles to sheep worrying, rural crime is a reality for many parts of the countryside. Fortunately people like Tom Balchin, a PCSO from Dorset Police, are on hand to fight it and support rural communities in preventing it as much as possible. I spokeContinue reading “Fighting Crime in the Countryside: An interview with a Rural PCSO”