Universal Basic Income a Farm Subsidy Solution?

N.b This post was originally published in Countrysquire Magazine. With the signing of Article 50 imminent, land management subsidies will surely form at least part of the pre-Brexit debates. I have seen several articles published in the past few weeks in various papers, magazine and blogs discussing the concepts of both automation and universal basicContinue reading “Universal Basic Income a Farm Subsidy Solution?”

Book Review: ‘The Old Ways’ by Robert Macfarlane

There is an area of south Essex that I have always dreamed of visiting, a place so remote and with such transitory terrain that it seems impossible that the edges of London are just 30 miles away. Nonetheless, between the Rivers Crouch and Thames is situated a mysterious footpath, in my mind one of theContinue reading “Book Review: ‘The Old Ways’ by Robert Macfarlane”

Who will win the Hedge Cutting debate? Birds v Contractors

In this week’s Farmers Weekly it is difficult to ignore their campaign to repeal the August hedge cutting ban. It seems that the furrows in the brows of contractors are getting deeper and two years after the ban was put in place they continue to call for its reversal. It is an issue that seems toContinue reading “Who will win the Hedge Cutting debate? Birds v Contractors”

Good to see #FarmerMentalHealth in the farming news again

Those of you who are regular readers of the blog will know that a few months ago I profiled rural mental health, as part of a wider campaign to get people talking about the subject (#FarmerMentalHealth on twitter). I did this mainly to get the subject in the spotlight again after the conversation had dissipatedContinue reading “Good to see #FarmerMentalHealth in the farming news again”

The Great British Fly Tipping Problem

I spent this weekend with friends on their farm in Wiltshire, planting trees and drinking proper west country scrumpy (resulting in quite a hangover on Sunday!). However, this is not the subject of my post, perhaps clear from the title. Fly tipping is at the forefront of my mind because of our journey to theContinue reading “The Great British Fly Tipping Problem”