5 Reasons to Go Outside

As a writer, like much of the rest of the population, I spend a frustratingly large amount of time inside, staring at a computer screen and tapping away at my keyboard. I really enjoy my work but there are still times when I look out of the window and think, I want to be out thereContinue reading “5 Reasons to Go Outside”

Thinkingcountry has been nominated in the UK Blog Awards (+ info on World Soil Day!)

Thinkingcountry will be four years old in January (where does time go?). With this coming of age upon us (although I’m not sure how old a blog should be to achieve this designation) it is incredible to have the site contending in the UK Blog Awards ‘Green and Eco’ category. However, I need your help.Continue reading “Thinkingcountry has been nominated in the UK Blog Awards (+ info on World Soil Day!)”

A brief introduction to soil biology

One week has, rather predictably, not been enough to do justice to the subject of soils. Nonetheless, I hope I have been able to trigger an interest among some of you and have inspired you to find out more. I will certainly return to the subject in the (near) future but this post is theContinue reading “A brief introduction to soil biology”

Soil Structure

Yesterday, we looked at the texture of a soil – the sand, silt and clay particles in a soil. Now we turn towards STRUCTURE. Soil structure can be regarded as the architecture of soil (the way it is built). By adding organic matter and water to the sand, silt and clay (and allowing for a goodContinue reading “Soil Structure”