Soil Texture: Sand, Silt and Clay

Today, as part of the series of posts on soils, we are going to look at 'soil texture'. Soil forms the basis for all life but it's important to know about its mineral constitution as well as its biological profile. Texture refers to the 'feel' of the soil. This is affected by the constituent materials … Continue reading Soil Texture: Sand, Silt and Clay

The Five Factors of Soil Formation

If you have ever looked closely at soils in different areas you will know that they all look, feel and smell different. They also play host to different plants and some contain more visible organisms than others. Why is this? How have they come to be so different? What factors should be considered? These were … Continue reading The Five Factors of Soil Formation

Soil – ‘the cinderella subject’

Last week I gave a talk to a brilliantly engaged audience (or so they seemed!) in Essex on the hopelessly neglected subject that is 'soil'. I have received several messages asking for the topic to be profiled more regularly on the blog, so this post will be the first of a week's worth of posts dedicated … Continue reading Soil – ‘the cinderella subject’