100 Years of Changing the Clocks – Why do we do it anyway?

This year marked 100 years of changing the time each autumn in the UK. Yesterday at 2am, on Sunday 30th October, British clocks reverted an hour, reverting to Greenwich Mean Time. It marked the official end of British Summer Time. We have to wait another 145 days (and about 18 hours at the time ofContinue reading “100 Years of Changing the Clocks – Why do we do it anyway?”

The best Country Dogs

My family has kept dogs for as long as I can remember. In my lifetime we have had: Welly, a wonderful (but absolutely crazy) springer spaniel; Tilly, a kind and loving black labrador; Nell (another kind and loving black lab but a lot more worried about the world); and Lotty, a yellow lab who is gladly still with us. LottyContinue reading “The best Country Dogs”

Secretary of State questioned over future of the environment after Brexit

Brexit has shaken up all government departments, but arguably none will be more heavily affected than Defra, which is directly impacted on by 25% of EU legislation. The worlds of food, farming and the environment are, quite rightly, heavily regulated but Brexit has the potential to shake up the situation and create a different legislative climateContinue reading “Secretary of State questioned over future of the environment after Brexit”

Start the day with morning rituals

Many of us live our lives by the 9-5 clock restrainer, walking, driving, training or ‘busing’ to work or school a little before 9am, and returning at the end of the day to crash out, eat, perhaps watch television or pretend it’s the weekend and do some socialising. As a writer I like to buildContinue reading “Start the day with morning rituals”

Brexit and the OECD challenge to subsidies

Every year the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) releases an ‘Agricultural Policy Monitoring and Evaluation Report’ which looks at and assesses the various agricultural policies of the 35 OECD nations around the world, as well as 15 ‘selected partner economies’. The 2016 version was released back in June, but BBC Farming Today broughtContinue reading “Brexit and the OECD challenge to subsidies”