New Markets for Land and Nature

An interesting blog post here from Adrian Colston on the recent ‘New Markets for Land and Nature’ report.

A Dartmoor blog

Prior to our vote to leave the European Union in June this year it was nigh on impossible to find an environmentalist who supported Brexit and after the vote had occurred there was a widespread gloom and fear about what the future held for the environment. However once Theresa May had made it clear that ‘Brexit means Brexit’ the mood rapidly changed and all the major environmental NGOs and others began to explore the opportunities that existed in re-designing the subsidy system after we left the Common Agricultural Policy. For example in August the National Trust issued a six point plan which set out what it thought a re-designed new scheme should include – see here. Dame Helen Ghosh, the Trust’s Director General for example said “Public money must only pay for public goods. Currently, most of a £600m pot from the EU (out of the £3.1bn CAP funding)…

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Who is Labour’s Rachael Maskell?

Now, as readers of this blog I would like to think that you are all fairly politically and environmentally aware and would therefore recognise the name Rachael Maskell. Yes? No? Well, if you do you are probably doing a lot better than most people. Certainly, I had not heard of her before Jeremy Corbyn appointed … Continue reading Who is Labour’s Rachael Maskell?

Secrets of the soil: mycorrhizal fungi

Out of all known habitats the soil is by far the most biodiverse and yet we know only a fraction of the information we know about other areas. I am near the beginning of my own 'soil journey', something that may sound a bit bizarre, but is a process of investigation that will be life long … Continue reading Secrets of the soil: mycorrhizal fungi

The Spirit of Holnicote

This summer I have been fortunate enough to spend a lot of time down in Exmoor where I have been coordinating a project which brings Bristol University and the National Trust together through an innovative and groundbreaking partnership. We have been investigating the 'spirit of place' of the Holnicote estate, a place of immense ecological … Continue reading The Spirit of Holnicote

Maintaining diversity in the countryside. Guest blog by Tony Powell

Here is another guest post written in the light of Brexit (and in this case, the recent State of Nature report as well). Tony Powell is a wildlife surveyor (principally birds) and researcher and runs the naturestimeline website. He has previously volunteered for many organisations including the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, The Woodland Trust, … Continue reading Maintaining diversity in the countryside. Guest blog by Tony Powell

The problem with being an Environment Blogger

Today, blogs are a huge part of our online experience and many of us interact with them on a daily basis. Some of us might choose to write our own blog, others contribute to them and most of us will regularly read one or more (several in my case) blog posts each day. Some bloggers … Continue reading The problem with being an Environment Blogger

Young Farmers, Brexit and Future Prospects

Earlier today an article I recently wrote on the prospects of young farmers in a post Brexit world was published by the Sustainable Food Trust. It was the result of a brief survey of young producers across the country and in many ways began to shift my opinion towards one of acceptance regarding Brexit. It … Continue reading Young Farmers, Brexit and Future Prospects

State of Nature 2: Farming in the spotlight

Despite the BBC editorial team not passing today's launch of the second State of Nature report sufficiently newsworthy to be included in this evening's News at 10, it was included in this morning's episode of the Today programme on Radio 4. If you didn't catch it it can be found just under two hours into … Continue reading State of Nature 2: Farming in the spotlight

Teenagers blamed for a future milk crisis

I have a confession to make. I am a milk drinker. I am a cheese eater. I will also have cream (if it is available) with my strawberries. I am not going to stop drinking milk or eating cheese or having cream on my strawberries anytime soon. However, I am also, according to recent statistics, … Continue reading Teenagers blamed for a future milk crisis