Brexit: an opportunity for farmers and conservationists to unite?

I am eternally optimistic that one day, everyone involved in the land sector will share my view that in order to bring about a thriving countryside, both economically and ecologically, farmers and conservationists need to come together in discussions as to how to manage rural Britain. We have a governmental department that supposedly seeks toContinue reading “Brexit: an opportunity for farmers and conservationists to unite?”

Vision for Nature Report Published

Eighteen months ago Matt Williams and Lucy McRobert, from the youth conservation network A Focus On Nature, invited me to join a committee tasked with running a campaign getting young people to think about a ‘vision for nature‘ for the next generation. This campaign has culminated in the publication of a report, released today, whichContinue reading “Vision for Nature Report Published”

What do we want from a British Food, Farming, Environment (and rural communities) Policy?

In a recent article in the Huffington Post Ross Murray, President of the Country Land and Business Association, outlined some brief thoughts regarding a future British policy for ‘Food, Farming and the Environment’. He called on Andrea Leadsom and Defra not to ‘lose momentum’ and to ‘make an early commitment’ to establish a new Food,Continue reading “What do we want from a British Food, Farming, Environment (and rural communities) Policy?”

Where is Flaviu the runaway lynx?

For the past ten days or so Dartmoor has claimed its very own ‘Beast’, and this time it isn’t mythical, although ‘beast’ should really be the last word used to describe Flaviu, the lynx who broke free from Dartmoor Zoo just a few hours after having arrived there from Kent. There certainly doesn’t seem toContinue reading “Where is Flaviu the runaway lynx?”

Leadsom takes over at Defra

As predicted, it’s all change at Defra as former Conservative leadership hopeful Andrea Leadsom takes the helm from Liz Truss, who has moved to Justice. Social media was full of opinion yesterday afternoon as the news spread and I must admit that I took part in the debate along with thousands of others. Some ‘tweeters’ pointedContinue reading “Leadsom takes over at Defra”