20 Days Wild(!) – Days 1,2 and 3

This June, the Wildlife Trusts once again launched their '30 Days Wild' campaign, encouraging all of us to get out there and do something a little bit 'wild' (nature related at least!) every day for a month. It is a brilliantly simple idea but one that thousands of people have got behind and all over … Continue reading 20 Days Wild(!) – Days 1,2 and 3


ThinkingCountry is now on Facebook

ThinkingCountry now has its own Facebook page which will be regularly updated with interesting articles and news relating to farming, conservation, rewilding and other countryside and environment topics. ThinkingCountry articles will of course also be posted there and it will be a chance for you, dear readers, to hopefully interact more easily with the debates … Continue reading ThinkingCountry is now on Facebook

A busy week in Yorkshire and time to leave Cirencester

I have been away from the blogosphere for a little while now for which I apologise. However, it has been a fairly hectic couple of weeks. Following on from my rewilding adventure at the Hay Festival I spent a week traveling around Yorkshire farms and food businesses as part of my postgraduate course at the … Continue reading A busy week in Yorkshire and time to leave Cirencester