Bank Holiday Walking

It seems to be an unwritten meteorological tradition in the United Kingdom that bank holidays should occur at times of barometric uncertainty. ‘Sunshine and showers’is often the declaration from the weather presenter or the MET office. We invariably set off on our ‘days out’ with clothes for all weathers, ready for anything it can throwContinue reading “Bank Holiday Walking”

Earth Day, freedom of thought and 2 billion acts of green

As I write this post a host of world leaders are signing the Paris Climate Agreement in New York. By signing the agreement they commit their country to work towards limiting temperature rises of a maximum of 2 degrees celsius, compared to 1990 levels, and their governments must submit detailed plans as to how theyContinue reading “Earth Day, freedom of thought and 2 billion acts of green”

Thanks for telling us your position NFU but it won’t influence how I vote

After a long debate earlier this week the National Farmers Union council voted overwhelmingly to support the campaign to remain within the European Union. The following resolution was agreed: “The NFU Council resolves that on the balance of existing evidence available to us at present, the interests of farmers are best served by our continuingContinue reading “Thanks for telling us your position NFU but it won’t influence how I vote”

The contrasts of Spring

Although it feels somewhat difficult to believe at the moment, as I peer out through the closed window at the garden currently enjoying the latest downpour, with the wind blowing leaves all about the place, Spring is here. To be astronomically precise it actually began in the northern hemisphere on Sunday March 20th – the vernal equinox.Continue reading “The contrasts of Spring”

Are conservationists hopelessly opposed to everything?

This is a refreshingly brave post, written by James Common, on the subject of collaboration and understanding of nuance when it comes to achieving conservation aims in the 21st century. The thinking behind it goes to the root of what I am trying to achieve in this blog – to suggest that we need toContinue reading “Are conservationists hopelessly opposed to everything?”