Conservation in the news

A week ago I reposted an article from Laura Richardson’s blog on good conservation news. It seems that today a piece of such news was encouraged as part of the national conversation. In the news this evening, research from Vincent Wildlife Trust showing an increase in population of European polecats (Mustela putorius) in Britain was highlighted toContinue reading “Conservation in the news”

Reflections on the Life and Work of an Environmental Historian

I came across this interview of the environmental historian William Cronon by chance but it is certainly worth watching if you have an hour to spare. Cronon is one of the ‘big names’ in environmental history, the son of an historian and a ‘creation’ of the University of Wisconsin, Madison which is the institution whereContinue reading “Reflections on the Life and Work of an Environmental Historian”

My own case of ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’

This morning, just as I was heading off to a brushcutter course down the road at the Rural Skills Centre here in Cirencester, I felt a pain in my back that has put me out of action for the rest of the day. Having sought advice I have been undertaking various exercises and I’m onContinue reading “My own case of ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’”

Peter Kendall, AHDB, Flexitarianism and the future of farming

The title for this post may seem a little confusing and all encompassing. That’s because I’ve just returned from an event that challenged my view about where the great and the good of the farming industry think that farming is heading. Straddling the line between conservation and farming means that I at least try to attend aContinue reading “Peter Kendall, AHDB, Flexitarianism and the future of farming”