Another Super Year for A Focus on Nature

This piece was originally posted on the blog for A Focus on Nature (AFON), the UK’s largest and most vibrant youth conservation movement. You can find the original here. This year, I have been fortunate to have served on the committee which has led on AFON’s 2015 campaign – ‘Vision for Nature’. The Vision forContinue reading “Another Super Year for A Focus on Nature”

The Wildwood of my Imagination

This afternoon I went for a walk at Weeleyhall wood, an eighty seven acre ancient woodland in north Essex, owned by Essex Wildlife Trust. It was quiet and peaceful, apart from the odd rumble from a car on the road about four hundred metres to the south. For a Sunday afternoon I met remarkably fewContinue reading “The Wildwood of my Imagination”

Winter – time of the dead? Not at all – time of the quiet more like!

Originally posted on Wild Heart:
Walking in short strides through the dense throng of bare, shivering trees. The whispery crunch of crystal coated leaves underfoot, my heavy boots pressing into the frosty, leaf littered ground and leaving a trail of shallow imprints in the cold, tough soil.Clenched hands pushed into the depths of my pockets,…

Why bother understanding the historic environment?

The historic environment combines two of my passions a passion for the outdoors, the natural world, urban and rural spaces and how people interact with them. a passion for the past, for past lives, the archive and historic complexity. It is perhaps therefore no surprise that I am personally drawn to the ‘historic environment’. ButContinue reading “Why bother understanding the historic environment?”