The President of the United States of America meets Sir David

In case you missed it last night (assuming you are reading this from the UK or US – it is yet to be aired in Australia, the Nordic countries, Poland, Hungary, Turkey and another 40+ countries but will be in due course) I strongly recommend you catch up with the Obama/Attenborough interview. In an unprecedentedContinue reading “The President of the United States of America meets Sir David”

Integrated Farm Management (IFM) – a dull term for an exciting prospect?

Farming, like any other business, has its acronyms. IFM, which stands for integrated farm management, does a terrible job at describing what is in essence an approach to farming which has very exciting prospects. IFM is a holistic approach to farm management that encourages both profitability and high environmental standards. In the video above PhilipContinue reading “Integrated Farm Management (IFM) – a dull term for an exciting prospect?”

Inspiring the next generation of conservationists

By ‘inspiring the next generation of conservationists’ I do not just mean inspiring a generation to ‘go into’ nature conservation as a career path. I mean to inspire a generation to ‘think as conservationists’ and to think with the natural world in mind. This is of absolute importance as we move forward and face theContinue reading “Inspiring the next generation of conservationists”

New Nature Writing – a response to Mark Cocker’s Article Mark Cocker has called the recent expansion of “new nature writing”  ‘among the most significant developments in British publishing this century’. Further, he claims that, whilst the audience is probably bigger than ever before, the presence of ‘real nature’ is perhaps less cogent. Generally, I agree. In a recent article in the New StatesmanContinue reading “New Nature Writing – a response to Mark Cocker’s Article”

Food as a political issue

I recently read this article by Harry Greenfield which tried to answer the question of why food and farming were seemingly absent from most of the political campaigns during the recent General Election in Britain. This raises a wider point of why food, something that all people need to survive and yet nearly 800 millionContinue reading “Food as a political issue”