Yesterday, on Sunday 21st September over 675,000 worldwide marched to raise their voices and send a message that they are concerned about climate change and implore world leaders to act to mitigate the near inevitable changes in climate as much as is humanly possible. I myself marched in London, part of a 40-50,000 strong climateContinue reading “#PeoplesClimateMarch”

Who’s gonna stand up? – Neil Young

Ahead of the People’s Climate March tomorrow, an event happening in many cities across the world, Neil Young has written a song to act as an anthem for the March called ‘Who’s gonna stand up?’. I’ll be at the London rally and tweeting throughout #peoplesclimate – see the live feed at activisionary This will be suchContinue reading “Who’s gonna stand up? – Neil Young”

‘A Vision for Nature’ – The First National AFON Conference

On Friday 5th and Saturday 6th September I was fortunate enough to attend the inaugural ‘Vision for Nature Conference’, held in Cambridge. Over the two days over 200 delegates attended and discussions covered the full breadth of conservation topics. AFON (or A Focus on Nature) is a network for young conservationists (under 30) in theContinue reading “‘A Vision for Nature’ – The First National AFON Conference”